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  • 100% Petroleum Based Formula
  • Will Not Void New Car Warranty
  • Compatible With All Petroleum & Synthetic Oils
  • Prevents Wear at Start-Up
  • Helps Restore Horsepower and Torque

You care enough about your engine to use oil supplements - that’s a good sign. But have you ever wondered whether or not which ones actually work, or which ones are worth your hard-earned money? Hy-per Lube — the industry leader in producing high-end, stress-tested lubricants, coolant treatments and fuel system cleaners - puts all of your questions to rest with our superior-quality Oil Supplement. If you’re focused on improving the performance and longevity of your high-mileage engines, our oil additive delivers a reliable, affordable and effective solution.

Hy-per Lube calls on over 60 years of chemical innovation and leadership to deliver superior products that efficiently solve your engine lubrication challenges. Since over 75% of internal wear occurs at start-up, known as dry or cold-start wear, we’ve developed a solution that offers total protection at this critical phase. Our oil additive leaves a defensive film on internal engine parts to eliminate start-up wear no matter how long the engine has not been in use.

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement stabilizes engine oil by improving viscosity and preventing thermal breakdowns. Benefits include:

  • Added protection between scheduled oil changes
  • Extends service life of oil by as much as 50%
  • Prolonged drain interval up to 7,500 miles (under normal conditions)
  • Restores performance and fuel economy in high-mileage engines
  • Increases film strength
  • High-Mileage Engine Oil Supplement

Hy-per Lube is the ideal choice for high-mileage engines showing signs of wearing down or diminished performance. Our engine oil supplement effectively seals piston rings and valve guides, restoring performance and improving fuel efficiency. As compression is restored, oil consumption and exhaust smoke are reduced for an overall healthier engine.

Additional reasons to choose Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement include:

  • Less Heat - Anti-foam capabilities reduce foaming that impacts the lubricant’s ability to dissipate heat to extend engine life and lower gearbox and drivetrain temperatures.
  • Reduced Noise - The improved ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shocks help limit lifter and drivetrain noise for quieter performance.
  • Safe Use - 100% petroleum-based formula will not void a new car warranty and is compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils.
  • Wet Clutch Compatible - 100% safe and effective for wet clutch applications.
Dosage & Directions

Petrol Engines—Replace .9 Liter of oil with .9 Liter of Hy-per Lube in 4 to 6 Liter systems. Larger
systems use 20% by volume. (Up to 2 Liters in worn high kilometer engines)
Diesel Engine—10% by volume
Manual Transmissions—20% to 40%
Differentials—20% to 40%
Gear Boxes– 20% to 40%
Assembly Lube– 100% Hy-per Lube


Data Sheets

TDS Sheet

MSDS Sheet



Is Hy-per Lube compatible with synthetic oil?
Yes, Hy-per Lube works with all types of engine oils including petroleum, synthetic blends and full synthetics.

Will Hy-per Lube reduce valve train noise?
In most applications it will reduce valve train or lifter noise but there are certain times when it cannot reduce noise where a mechanical fix/repair is required.

Can I use Hy-per Lube in a newer engine? What will be the benefits?
Yes you can use Hy-per Lube in new engines. The main benefit you will receive is long term reduced wear.

Is Hy-per Lube safe for turbocharged engines?
Yes, it is especially good for turbocharged engines because they run hotter and work harder.

Can Hy-Per Lube be used in automatic transmissions?
No, it cannot be used in automatic transmissions.